Thursday, January 22, 2009

Valley of flowers !!!!!!

It was in 1931 that Frank Smythe and Holdsworth stumbled on the valley while returning from their succesful Kamet expedition. They were “at once transported from a region of solemn austerity to a fairy land of dainty flowers most of them dwarf, but brilliant in colours, this park spread over an area of 87.5 sq.kms has the largest collection of wild flower spieces.

As though created by nature itself, the beauty of the park is enhanced by the Pushpawati River flowing in the vicinity overlooked by towering Rataban Peak in the back ground. More than 300 species of wild flowers bloom and swing with life during the monsoons. Also inhabitants the place is an amazing variety of Himalayan Butterflies. Hidden from the probing eyes of civilization, this valley had been known to the inhabitants as the Bhyundar Valley, the playground of fairies and nymphs. Legends also associate this valley with the area from where Hanumanji of Ramayana collected “Sanjivani Booti” herbs to revive Lakshmana, the younger brother of Lord Rama. They valley can only be visited during the day and overnight stay is prohibited.
When ?
14th August 2009 to 23rd August 2009
Visit the valley of flowers with us !!!!

How much :
Rs. 12250/- on four sharing basis
Rs 14250/- on three sharing basis
Rs 15250/- on twin sharing basis
Rs. 11000/- on four sharing basis
Rs 13000/- on three sharing basis
Rs 14000/- on twin sharing basis
Charges per person.
Accomodation will be in decent hotels and tents.
Registration : Rs. 5000/- Balance to be remitted 15 days before departure.

Please carry, while joining Valley of Flowers :
Cotton shirts, pants, full & half sleeve sweater, rain coat, umbrella, cotton socks, wind cheater, sneakers, hand towel, camera with extra rolls/batteries, sun screen lotions, toilet kit, torch with extra batteries, personal medication, boroline/lipguard, water bottle with strap, dayback shoulder bag, slippers, mosquito repellent, chocolates, dry fruits.

Please do not bring plastic/polythene bags or any disposable items.


Nimmy said...

Oh,how i wish i could visit this place..the pics are so so so beautiful....

You run travel agency ??

hitch writer said...

Nimmi : I dont like the word travel agency but we are promoting eco tourism and adventure travel in india !!

In case you want to go to any of the places we would be glad to help...

You can use our services at a cost or our advise free of cost... for fellow bloggers...

Actually wife runs this project and we take school childern on these trips... also arrange for groups and adult individuals...

We are associated with ANALA Outdoors... you can google them... the owners are close friends !!

My mail id is in case you need any assistance...

joo said...

faboulous place, wish I could be there!!!

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